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You can buy a Galaxy S10 Plus with more storage than your laptop


Samsung is bumping the storage up to 1TB in its new Galaxy S10 Plus. It’s the first handset to use Samsung’s new 1TB eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) solution, and it’s the same size as last year’s 512GB version. While Samsung marketed the Galaxy Note 9 as “1 terabyte ready,” it needed an additional 512GB microSD card to reach that storage capacity. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus comes with up to 1TB of storage on board, putting it ahead of the storage of most modern laptops.

Samsung’s latest chips are designed for the very purpose of laptop-like tasks. Samsung first unveiled its 1TB chips earlier this year, promising a “more notebook-like user experience [for] the next generation of mobile devices.” Samsung’s DeX docking station already converts its phones into a PC experience, and it’s the closest thing we have to transforming phones into PCs now that Microsoft has given up on its Windows Phone ambitions.

Samsung hasn’t radically overhauled DeX with the Galaxy S10 Plus, but this type of storage bump does open it up to a future where perhaps smartphones will be used for PC tasks more and more. Couple that with the possibilities of Samsung’s foldable displays, and the dream of a phone that transforms into a tablet and PC looks closer to reality in the next decade.

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