Inicio Editor's Pick Samsung has sold 2 billion Galaxy phones in less than a decade

Samsung has sold 2 billion Galaxy phones in less than a decade


Samsung CEO DJ Koh has announced that the company has sold over 2 billion Galaxy phones since it started selling them back in 2010, marking one of the first times that the company has ever put a number on sales for the line. The news came at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, where it announced the new Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 devices.

Now, Samsung didn’t say what phones it was including in that count — certainly, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines are included, but Samsung does also sell numerous other Galaxy phones in different markets like the Galaxy A, Galaxy C, Galaxy J, and other variants over the years that may count toward that total, too. But no matter how you slice it, it’s certainly an impressive milestone for the company.

By comparison, Apple announced back in September that it had sold nearly 2 billion iOS devices (a number that it almost certainly has surpassed by now, given the five intervening months). Apple’s metric likely includes iPad tablets, so it’s probably not wholly comparable to Samsung’s numbers, but between the two companies, it adds up to a truly remarkable number of devices out in the world.

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