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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has Wi-Fi 6 and faster LTE


They might not be the flashiest features, but Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 line has a subtler pair of upgrades that could meaningfully improve the experience of using them day in and out. All three new phones, the S10, S10 Plus, and S10E, include support for Wi-Fi 6 as well as 2 gigabit LTE speeds, up from 1.2 gigabits last year. The upgrades offer the potential for faster internet speeds, whether you’re connected to a cell network or just your home router.

Now, there are some big caveats here. For one, you’re never actually going to hit 2 Gbps on your wireless network — that figure is the phone’s theoretical maximum speed. But the higher figure reflects various speed-boosting improvements, which ought to translate to at least some real-world speed gains on networks that are equipped to take advantage of them.

There are also limitations around the use of Wi-Fi 6. Mainly: almost no one owns a Wi-Fi 6 router right now, and unless you’re connected to one, you won’t see any benefits. Still, it’s a good update to have, as Wi-Fi 6 is starting to roll out to new devices this year and will soon become commonplace. It might not be a huge advantage for the Galaxy S10 just yet, but it’ll be meaningful in a year or so as more and more people and businesses upgrade their networks with newer equipment that supports Wi-Fi 6’s faster speeds.

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