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The Hole in the Ground Trailer Sucks a Kid Into a Supernatural Sinkhole


A24 has released a new trailer for their latest horror offering, The Hole in the Ground. The indie studio has had a tremendous run over the past few years, producing the Best Picture winner Moonlight, amongst a variety of other hit, acclaimed titles ranging widely in terms of genre. But last year, they delivered one of the most memorable horror movies in recent memory with Hereditary. Could we be looking at that movie’s spiritual successor? It’s quite possible. Not only just because of this first trailer, but also thanks to some early buzz.

The trailer kicks off as horror movies often do. A family making a big change and trying to settle into a new life. But then something dark and mysterious occurs. In this case, as the title implies, it happens to revolve around a giant, ominous hole in the ground. Naturally, once this hole is discovered, the young boy of this small family starts acting strange. This trailer sort of has everything. A scary kid, a creepy old woman who predicts the horrors that lie ahead, lots of (literal) darkness, body morphing, bugs. It’s like a horror buffet. Will it be a case of too much all at once? Early indication would seem to speak against that.

Much like Hereditary, The Hole in the Ground recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and so far, the buzz has been very positive. While there are only a handful of critic reviews out there, the vast majority of them have been very positive. It serves as the feature debut from writer-director Lee Cronin with a cast that includes Seana Kerslake, James Quinn Markey, James Cosmo, Kati Outinen, Simone Kirby and Steve Wall.

The Hole in the Ground centers on Sarah and her young son Chris who have just moved to a new home in the Irish countryside. Not long after moving there, they discover that the forest near their house hides an enormous sinkhole. One night, Chris disappears and, upon his return, appears to be unharmed and no different, at least on the surface. But, as his behavior becomes increasingly disturbing and Sarah begins to worry that the boy who came back may not be her son at all. The movie is said to weave suspense, terror, and supernatural folklore into a richly evocative story about the primal fears of motherhood.

Luckily, those who want to see it will have the chance to do so very soon. The Hole in the Ground will first debut exclusively on-demand for DirecTV customers on January 31, ahead of the planned theatrical rollout, which begins on March 1. In years past, a home-video-first release may be cause for concern, but that’s just not how things work these days. The legacy of the studio coupled with the positive buzz coming out of Sundance, and a compelling trailer, should give horror fans confidence heading into this one. Be sure to check out new trailer from the A24 YouTube channel below.

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