Inicio Local ‘It’s A Scam,’ Travel Website Offering Luxury Deals Investigated

‘It’s A Scam,’ Travel Website Offering Luxury Deals Investigated


CHICAGO (CBS)– Spendelicious, a luxury travel website, promises elite status in hotels and airline loyalty programs for a fee. Airlines and travel-industry experts are calling the website a “scam.”

Travel editor Peter Greenberg told CBS 2 via Skype he laughed when he heard about

“If it’s too good to be true, it is,” Greenberg said. “This is pure and simple a scam.”

The website sells status in various hotel programs like the Chicago-based Hyatt.

When asked about “Spendelicious,” Hyatt representative described it as “not a legitimate site” and began investigating.

The website also offers airline partnerships like the Star Alliance, which includes Chicago-based United and gold-level sales for up to $3,000.

Greenberg said elite statuses on airlines is not just flying in the front of the cabin, it’s priority boarding, luggage allowance and ground support.

The website also claims to offer memberships to VIP lounges like the Admirals Club for American Airlines passengers.

However, American Airlines told CBS 2, “It’s a scam.” The international Oneworld partnership is sending a “cease and desist” order.

Status in SPG, a hotel loyalty program is also for sale. According to the site, elite members can get better rooms, free breakfast and other perks.

A spokesperson for Marriott,o its parent company, said “I have alerted our internal teams about this unauthorized website and appreciate any efforts on your part to alert viewers not to engage with it.”

Delta added, “it’s not legit.”

CBS 2 tried to get in touch with Spendelicous, but no one answered.

Greenberg offered advice to travelers regarding Spendelicous.

“Please save your money,” he said. “Don’t do it.”