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Apple hasn't quite got iPhone Group FaceTime right after fixing bug – CNET

FaceTime : Illustration
Group FaceTime isn’t quite right yet.
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Apple[1] pushed out an iPhone update[2] earlier this month to fix a Group FaceTime security problem[3], which let people eavesdrop on each other, but apparently hasn’t gotten all the bugs out yet.

People on the MacRumors forum[4] noticed that two people on a FaceTime call can’t add a third person, with the button to add someone grayed out, as previously reported[5] by our sister site ZDNet

Apple Support confirmed this limitation on Twitter, after noting that you have to update to iOS[6] 12.1.4 to use Group FaceTime at all. The feature was temporarily disabled after a Fortnite-playing teen discovered the bug[7].

“Group FaceTime calls need to be started with at least two additional users in the FaceTime app,” it wrote[10].

It’s not clear if Apple is working to fix this with the upcoming iOS 12.2 update, and the company didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment.

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