Inicio Tecnología Westworld’s third season likely won’t air until 2020

Westworld’s third season likely won’t air until 2020


Westworld ended its second season last June, leaving viewers with plenty of questions about what would come next when the show returns for its third season. Those fans are going to have to wait a bit: the HBO series likely won’t return until next year.

That timeline makes sense: show debuted in October 2016, while its second season began in April 2018. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, HBO’s President of Programming Casey Bloys told TheWrap that production on the show’s third season will begin in March, but wouldn’t confirm that the series would air later this year. TheWrap notes that it’s “safe to expect” that the series won’t arrive until next year at the earliest, citing the extensive production and post-production process that the show has to go through.

Hopefully, this next season will answer some of the lingering questions that we have, such as what Bernard, Dolores, and the Hale host will be up to in the real world while Delos tries to salvage the disaster that it just experienced at its three parks.

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