Inicio Entretenimiento Viacom launches $5-a-month MTV video streaming app in UK

Viacom launches $5-a-month MTV video streaming app in UK


Viacom has launched a new direct-to-consumer streaming app called MTV Play in the UK, reports Variety. The app combines on-demand access to MTV Shows such as Geordie Shore and Teen Mom UK with the ability to stream the MTV channel live, and is available for £3.99 (around $5.22) a month after a 30-day free trial.

Although MTV Play will be offered directly to consumers, the company says it is also talking with telco providers to distribute the app to their subscribers. Previously, Viacom has partnered with Virgin Media in the UK to offer the Nickelodeon NickPlay app as an add-on, and also offers MTV+ as an Amazon Prime Video channel for €2.99 in Austria and Germany.

Along with these partnerships, the company recently acquired the subscription-free ad-supported Pluto TV streaming service in the US, and also offers the Noggin app for access to Nickelodeon content for $7.99 a month. Between the for-pay MTV Play and Noggin, the ad-supported Pluto TV, and the recent announcement that Viacom will be producing movies directly for Netflix, the company seems keen to explore every part of the streaming market.

Viacom isn’t the only US media company to have launched a direct-to-consumer app in the UK. Back in 2016, NBCUniversal launched the Hayu app, which is available for £3.99 a month and focuses on reality TV content. The service is also available as an add-on for either Amazon Prime Video or Sky’s Now TV streaming service for the same price.

The new MTV Play app is available in the UK now for both iOS and Android.


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