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Verily to build a high-tech rehab center in Ohio to address opioid epidemic


Google’s sister company Verily will open an opioid treatment facility in Ohio. The company plans to work with local hospitals to create a “tech-enabled campus” that collects information and analytics in hopes of improving outcomes for patients.

The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug overdose crisis in American history. Dayton, Ohio — where the new center will open — has been hit especially hard and called the opioid “overdose capital of the nation.”

The new nonprofit, called OneFifteen, will offer both in-patient and out-patient services and will use “a variety of means” to track patient behavior, Danielle Schlosser, senior clinical scientist of behavioral health at Verily, told CNBC. “You could imagine something as simple as people answering a survey or more sophisticated technology to gain insight of who that person is, what they’re encountering in their environment,” Schlosser said.

The project is just one of Verily’s many health endeavors, which also include spoons for people with movement disorders and trying to build a smart shoe that can detect falls. OneFifteen is clearly one of Verily’s bigger projects, similar in ambition to its attempt to eradicate mosquitoes in Fresno, California.

A subsidiary of Premier Health and Kettering Health Network will partner with Verily on the project. The new facility will accept patients in the spring, with a full campus open next year.


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