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Psychologist Dr. Rob Daniels talks teen anxiety and new book “Adventure’s in Parenting: The Playdate”

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Adventures in Parenting: The Playdate is the first in a series of books that combines entertaining, interactive fiction with real-world expertise from a licensed, clinical child psychologist.

Dr. Rob Daniels designs practical, evidence-based education and treatment plans that improve learning and outcomes for children with complex challenges, including autism, ADHD, social skill deficits, disruptive behavior, and learning disabilities.

Working with children from pre-school through high school, Dr. Daniels’ clinical expertise focuses on positive strategies that empower parents and professionals to help children flourish. In addition to his intensive clinical experience, he adds a unique dimension to team-building based on his training in improvisational comedy at the acclaimed Second City Training Center in Chicago. This rare combination of clinical skill and ensemble training helps schools and families uplift children by enriching optimism and creativity, building resilience and confidence, and inspiring teamwork and cooperation.

Dr. Daniels has treated thousands of children since opening his practice in 2001, and is a sought-after trainer and consultant for school districts, agencies, and professional and parent organizations.