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David After Dentist kid is going to college a decade after his viral video – CNET


The boy featured in David After Dentist, one of the earliest YouTube viral videos, is now going to college.

David DeVore was 7 years old at the time of the video in 2009. Now 18, he’s been admitted to University of Florida’s Innovation Academy. DeVore’s father, who manages the social media accounts connected to the video, announced the news on Instagram[1], possibly making the millions who first watched the video realize how time has flown by.

The original video[2] features DeVore talking to his father after his dentist appointment, clearly hopped up on medicine from the procedure. The kid, unsure about how he feels from the medicine, declares that he “can’t see anything,” screams out loud and wants to touch his teeth where he had just received stitches 

Now a days, YouTube videos — even basic ones where a video blogger talks to a camera — use microphones and professional devices. This video harkens back to a time when simple family cameras and whatever microphone was inside of them were used to capture family memories (read: it sounds crunchy and a little unbearable to relive, TBH).

DeVore is not pursuing dentistry, but tells The Independent Florida Alligator[3] that he’s excited to be attending the Florida university.

“It was my No. 1 school,” DeVore said to the Alligator. “UF is where I am meant to be.”

DeVore also noted that he was surprised by the initial social media reaction to the announcement that he is going to college.

“I didn’t realize it was going to blow up like it did,” he said. “It was just really cool to see that people acknowledge [my admission].”

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