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6 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank


With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be looking for a unique date night that is fun and different, doesn’t break the bank, and isn’t just going out for dinner. Often Valentine’s Day looks like an overpriced, price-fixed dinner, so I put together a few of Mike and my favorite date ideas that don’t involve going out for dinner!

Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

6 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

It’s easy to get into to the habit of doing the same old thing and going out to eat for date night, but there are so many other fun activities. Going out to dinner can add up once you factor in other things; taxis/uber, babysitters, and possibly a new outfit. Think outside the box for your next date night and save some money while you are it!

  1. Cook or bake together at home! We always have so much fun when we stay in, pick a recipe, and cook together. It’s rare in our home to have two cooks in the kitchen, and we always have the best time! A few dinner ideas: Lamb Chops with Crispy Shallots & Pomegranate Sauce[1], Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas[2], Spaghetti with Meat Sauce[3], Spaghetti Carbonara[4], or Instant Pot Short Ribs[5]. Don’t forget dessert: Gluten-Free Hostess Cupcakes[6], Brownies[7], or Chocolate Cookies[8]!
  2. Have a game night: Whip out your favorite game (like Heads Up), make a little charcuterie board for two, and crack open a bottle of wine, champagne or your favorite cocktail!
  3. Head to a coffee shop for a morning date: A few weeks ago Mike and I opted to stay in on a Friday night and instead, go to our favorite coffee shop the next morning for a special latte and good conversation. It’s something we don’t do often, and it was such a great, inexpensive, relaxing morning date.
  4. Get active: Do an activity together, like going on a hike with the dog, a walk in the park, or head to the courts and play a sport like tennis. If it’s cold out, you can go to a workout class together or try something new like indoor rock climbing.
  5. Ditch dinner and do a happy hour: Sometimes it’s nice to meet at a restaurant for a cocktail or two and appetizers! For one, you can meet after work which is a nice change of pace, and secondly, the bill will be much cheaper!
  6. Take a class together: Mike and I have taken a few sushi making classes and we always have a great time. It’s such and unique date night idea. We’ve also taken dance lessons, and had an absolute blast. Think of classes like sushi making, taking a painting class, a dance lesson, etc. Tip: You may think these are expensive, and guess what? I often find these on Groupon or other discount sites for really great prices!

Don’t forget: For all of your date nights, make an effort to put your cell phone away and really be in the moment!

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What is your favorite non-traditional date?


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