Inicio Tecnología Subaru teases its new Geneva-bound concept, the Viziv Adrenaline – Roadshow

Subaru teases its new Geneva-bound concept, the Viziv Adrenaline – Roadshow

The Viziv Adrenaline concept from Subaru is giving us strong crossover vibes.

Subaru[1] announced on Tuesday its plan to release the next in its Viziv line[2] of concept vehicles at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show[3] in March.

This latest Viziv is called the Adrenaline, and while Subaru isn’t giving us much to go on with this dark little teaser image, it does look like it might be sportier than previous Viziv concepts.

Last year’s Viziv Tourer concept[4] was teased in much the same way and ended up being a handsome and aggressive wagon that made everyone here at Roadshow pine for the days of the WRX STi[5] wagon.

The Viziv Adrenaline teaser smacks of crossover, but if it’s half as aggressive a crossover as the Tourer was a wagon, then maybe it’s a peek at the faster Forester[6] of our dreams (and dreams only, until they stop selling so well, according to Subaru[7]).

In any case, Subaru says that we can expect to see the Viziv Adrenaline concept in all of its glory on March 5 at 10:45 a.m. Central European Time, or 4:45 a.m. ET. Until then, you Subaru fans will have to satiate yourselves by feverishly commenting on speculative NASIOC threads[8].

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