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New Haunting of Sharon Tate Trailer Has Hilary Duff Terrorized by the Manson Family


Late last year, the first teaser for The Haunting of Sharon Tate arrived, and it showed scenes from the new thriller, coming across as midnight schlock of the lowest kind. Now, we have the official trailer, which has cleaned itself up nicely, presenting the movie as a true horror tale that’s worthy of cinema screens. It’s more finished up and polished, and it downplays one of the more controversial aspects of the film itself.

Hilary Duff stars as Sharon Tate in what is described as a twisted retelling of facts. It’s not supposed to be a true crime drama. This is a supernatural thriller that reimagines terrifying real-life events. Some are not happy about that, especially Sharon Tate’s sister, who has railed against the movie and how it subverts facts and presents falsities. The official synopsis has arrived with the latest look at footage.

Pregnant with director Roman Polanski’s child and awaiting his return from Europe, 26-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon Tate becomes

plagued by visions of her imminent death.

The movie is pure fiction. Sharon Tate never met any of the Manson Family members before her gruesome and untimely death at their hands. The story suggests that she was plagued with visions of her murder, which 100% never happened. It twists the truth in odd and bizarre ways. And is being sold as a slasher vehicle for Duff, who hasn’t starred in a movie since 2016’s Flock of Dudes, where she only had a secondary role.

Hilary Duff stars in The Haunting of Sharon Tate alongside Jonathan Bennet and Lydia Hearst. The movie is written and directed by Daniel Farrands, who uses real-life characters to tell his own version of a horror drama. This isn’t the first time he’s pulled from the headlines to create a fictionalized version of a well known crime. His latest thriller was The Amityville Murders, which rewrites the history behind the infamous haunted house and the Defeo slaughter that happened there before the Lutzs moved in.

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Bennet will be jumping from one Hollywood horror story to another, with his next film called The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. That movie will also be inspired by true events, following OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in the last days leading up to her tragic death on June 12 1994, as seen from her point of view. It will also skew facts and reimagine the crime scene, though it isn’t yet known if it will also contain supernatural elements and give the protagonist psychic powers.

The downfall of both movies is that people already know how both the Sharon Tate and Nicole Brown Simpson stories end. And the ethics are questionable. The Haunting of Sharon Tate is coming to theaters on April 5, 2019, and will also have a simultaneous On Demand release that same day. The movie is rated R for strong bloody violence, terror and some language. So it’s not playing up these real-life murders in a soft light. The movie comes in at a slim 94 minutes. It looks like it would be an interesting and scary experience, only if it weren’t twisting real-life facts and turning such a gruesome scenario into a camp fire story. This definitely won’t sit well with some. You can watch the first trailer direct from Saban Films, who have put a nice sheen on everything since the first footage was leaked.