Inicio Recetas Healthy Swaps To Your Favorite Super Bowl Appetizers

Healthy Swaps To Your Favorite Super Bowl Appetizers


CHICAGO (CBS)– Health and fitness coach Stephanie Mansour join CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot to talk about ways to make Super Bowl dishes healthier.

According to Mansour, calorie consumption increases during the Super Bowl due to snacking.

Here are some of her tips:

Dips: Use Greek yogurt for a healthier alternative. Instead of chips, try dipping carrots and snap peas.

Burgers: Substitute avocado for mayonnaise, this helps you stay fuller.

Tacos: Add kale to your tacos, instead of romaine lettuce, to keep the crunch with added healthy vitamins.

Chili: Feta cheese and sliced bell peppers are a healthy addition to a chilli. Also, Mansour recommends swapping lean ground turkey for beef.

After trying these new healthy tips, Mansour is challenging everyone to check out the “Step It UP,” free 21-day, fitness challenge. This includes work-out plans, eating tips and more.