Inicio Entretenimiento Extended Pennywise: The Story of IT Trailer Dissects Stephen King's Classic

Extended Pennywise: The Story of IT Trailer Dissects Stephen King's Classic


The extended trailer for Dead Mouse Productions’ Pennywise: The Story of IT is here and it is an epic tease for fans of the original miniseries. ABC’s 1990 telefilm introduced the work of Stephen King to a whole new generation and probably scarred many children for life at the same time. The miniseries is legendary and Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown is iconic and still a very popular Halloween costume, even after the release of Andres Muschietti’s latest big screen adaptation of IT.

Pennywise: The Story of IT reunites the original cast and crew of the ABC miniseries and sheds some new light on the project that many still hold dear to their rapid beating hearts. Tim Curry took Stephen King’s words on the page and elevated them to a whole new level of fright and fear. Emily Perkins, who played the young Beverly Marsh, remembers that Curry would sit around in full clown makeup chain smoking. When one of the young cast members would walk by, he would growl at them.

With such a young cast, it seems obvious that there would be some hijinks involved in the making of the IT miniseries. The extended Pennywise: The Story of IT trailer proves that this was all too real. Seth Green reveals that they all got into a lot of trouble while making the miniseries since they were all so young and were having fun together. Emily Perkins remembers being annoyed by all of the childish behavior on the set, but admits to having a pretty big crush on Jonathan Brandis.

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Pennywise: The Story of IT looks like an epic deep dive into the first adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. For many, it will always be the best adaptation, no matter how hard Andres Muschietti and crew try. With that being said, there are many in the horror community who treat the two projects as two distinctly different animals, which is also something that Muschietti was trying to pull off. Bill Skarsgard went off and tried to do his own thing with Pennywise as opposed to copying everything that Tim Curry did in the miniseries nearly 30 years ago.

Pennywise: The Story of IT does not have an official release date yet, but the six-minute extended trailer should go a long way in keeping fans happy until it premieres later this year. It’s apparent that this project is a true labor of love for all involved and it looks very special. With that being said, let’s all hope that the documentary comes out around the same time as IT 2 for some added exposure. If that’s the case, a fall release date could be what the plan is for a proper premiere. You can watch the Pennywise: The Story of IT extended trailer below, thanks to the Dead Mouse Productions YouTube channel.