Inicio Entretenimiento Dragged Across Concrete Trailer Gets Brutal with Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn

Dragged Across Concrete Trailer Gets Brutal with Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn


A new trailer for Dragged Across Concrete is here. This is the latest from filmmaker S. Craig Zahler, who has been thrilling moviegoers who don’t get squeamish at the sight of extreme violence since his ultra-violent directorial debut, the 2015 western Bone Tomahawk. Now he’s back with an unlikely duo consisting of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn who play a couple of dirty cops hoping to make a big score to set themselves up for the future.

The trailer kicks off with a darkly comedic bit, but things quickly transition into a dark seriousness. It paints Mel Gibson as an aging cop who has lost touch a bit, while Vince Vaughn, his partner, is pondering his future, leading them to consider stepping on the wrong side of the law. While the footage doesn’t do a great job of laying out the story at hand, it does make it clear that this movie is going to tackle some prevalent social issues, such as police brutality, juxtaposed against some pitch black humor.

Dragged Across Concrete centers on two police detectives who are suspended from the force after a video of strong-arming a suspect is leaked to the media. With little money to their names and no other place to turn, the frustrated officers take a turn into the criminal underworld, ultimately finding more than they bargained for waiting for them in the darkness. The cast also includes Tory Kittles (True Detective), Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead), Fred Melamed (A Serious Man), Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Don Johnson (Django Unchained).

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For Vince Vaughn, this marks the second time he’s worked with S. Craig Zahler. The two previously collaborated on the brutal Brawl in Cell Block 99 in 2017. Vaughn, though largely known for his comedic work, has been turning towards more serious roles in recent years, having starred in True Detective season 2 and, more recently, the Paige biopic Fighting With My Family, which expands nationwide this weekend. As for Mel Gibson, he’s been slowly but surely trying to make a comeback ever since his anti-semitic rant in 2006 after being arrested for DUI. Gibson was last seen on screen in Daddy’s Home 2. He also has the biopic The Professor and the Madman set to arrive later this year. As a director, his last effort was 2016’s Oscar-winning Hacksaw Ridge.

Critics who have screened the movie on the festival circuit so far have generally been kind. As of this writing, it holds a 77 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 22 reviews counted. In addition to the trailer, the studio has also unveiled a new poster, which we’ve included below. Dragged Across Concrete arrives in theaters and on demand on March 22. Be sure to check out the new trailer from the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel below.