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Baker Takes Back Apology For ‘Build The Wall’ Valentine’s Day Cookies, Gets Orders From Across Country

EDMONDS, Wash. (CBS Local) — A baker in Washington state who created the “Build the Wall” Valentine’s Day cookie is not only taking back his initial apology, he’s selling them by the dozen.

Ken Bellingham, who’s owned the Edmonds Bakery in Edmonds for 26 years, says the cookie was a treat for his daughter-in-law and he initially had no plans to sell the cookie. “The cookie just got put out there and somebody thought that I was selling them,” Bellingham told KCPQ[1]. “It was part of my collection.”

Then a customer snapped a photo of the cookie and posted about it in a Facebook group.

“It’s hard to see words like that,” Ana Carrera told KING[2]. “We were born here, but my parents were the stories you see on the news of people crossing the border because they just want a new start.” Carrera said her parents came to the United States from Mexico in the 1980s.

Faced with a backlash from the local community, Bellingham initially apologized.

“I will not be making anymore cookies of a political nature, but a narrow line of Love and Sweetheart and maybe Nice Butt,” he wrote Tuesday on the company’s Facebook page.

But by Thursday, Bellingham had had a change of heart, citing the First Amendment protection of free speech and urging people to “lighten up.”

“Am I supposed to be quiet because I can’t write what I want, or I can only write what they want or makes them happy? No. That’s not how it is,” Bellingham told KOMO[3]. “They can write whatever they want on their own cookie and I can do that on mine.”

Bellingham said he does support border security but would not go as far as to say he supported a wall. In the end, he said selling the “Build the Wall” cookies was a business decision. “The phone messages saved has like 40-or-50 messages that I can’t even respond to from people all over the country wanting me to ship them cookies,” said Bellingham.”


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