Chicago Designer’s New Collection Makes a Statement Honoring Autistic Daughter

Fashion is for all regardless of age or status and emerging Chicago fashion designer Cori Davis creates with that motto in mind. On Feb. 24, Cori invites everyone to take a front row look at her new winter collection, which features sweater knits, faux furs suedes and leathers inspired by visuals of the 80s movie “Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.” It will emphasize on the strength of women from that era and how it continues on.

Cori’s strength to create this collection in 30 days comes from her 8-year-old daughter, Reign, who was diagnosed with autism.  “I am a designer that designs on the mood versus the age of the woman. I love the element of femininity with a hint of strength,” says Cori. “Every collection contains a mommy and daughter garment in honor of Reign that shows the bond that we have. We are like any other mom and daughter in everyday life.” The backdrop of her show will feature the first autism emoji that Cori created for autism awareness – AutMoji.

For Cori the love of fashion started early in her childhood when she was only 10-years-old. She started making her first outfits in fifth grade while at history class. Eventually that passion led her to take a home economic class in high school were she would learn to sew. Cori has a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute in Chicago. She even designed her own wedding dress.

“I have always loved art and making paper dolls was just to pass the time in class. I would always draw,” says Cori who gets ideas for her fashion from music, shapes and color. “When I was younger I would take my Barbie’s clothes apart until they were just pieces and would sew hand stitch them back together just to make new clothes.”

“With this collection I want to inspire everyone, including other parents with autistic children. Your dreams and life don’t stop because of autism. I obtained two degrees after Reign’s diagnosis. I never gave up on Reign or myself. Enjoy the bond you have.”

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