Dax Shepard Jokes About the Worst Part of Being Married to Kristen Bell: ‘This Stuff Happens All the Time’

Being married to Kristen Bell can have its downsides! Dax Shepard opened about the worst part of his four-year marriage to the Good Place actress.

“She does a ton of interviews, and you know eventually you just run out of stuff to talk about,” Shepard explained to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. “I was at a restaurant last night – this is true, this is the honest truth – and this stranger comes up to me and he goes, ‘Hey, I just read your kids walked in on you having sex.’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I saw a headline and your wife said your kids walked in on you having sex.’ I don’t even know that she told that story. I don’t know what version she told of it.”

Shepard went on to give a more detailed explanation of what happened when he and his wife were interrupted in bed.  

“I go, ‘OK, they didn’t walk in while I was pounding mom,’” he said laughing. “We put on the TV in the living room — we’re bad parents. And then we stole away for a minute — afternoon delight — but we were just under the sheets and they walked in and it was more just explaining why we were taking a nap in the afternoon while they were on the loose.”

Source: ET

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