I Learned a Lot About Strong Company Culture From Jeff Bezos — But There's 1 Strategy I Won't Copy

Tension isn’t all bad.</b></h2>

Amazon is a company that runs on tension. It’s not a comfortable place, but I learned that’s a good thing — there’s always tension in excellence. There is tension between priorities, between teams competing for resources, between individuals with differing ideas and Amazon encourages it. We’re inclined as humans to try to remove tension but it’s what propels you forward. It makes you examine things at a deeper level. It makes you smarter. Building a business is uncomfortable.</p>

I think of Bezos every time I have the instinct to step in and sort things out when tension arises. Often the best solutions are born of letting those tensions play out. All the hard questions get asked, teams do deeper thinking on an issue and usually land on a solution that’s far better than where they’d started.</p>

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