Windy City Rollers fall short in their quest for a title

windycityrollers-logo[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Windy City Rollers fell short Halloween weekend in their quest for a WFTDA Championship, but put on a strong showing by demonstrating the resilience that Chicago sports fans come to know and respect.

In their first bout against the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls on Oct. 31, Windy City found themselves down 33-6 early in the first period. However, Windy City came surging back and eventually defeated Rocky Mountain, 214-192.

The Halloween win put them against the Rose City Rollers from Portland, Ore. on Nov. 1, who came into the tournament with a first-round bye. Unfortunately, fate wouldn’t favor the Windy City girls as they fell to Rose City, 251-133. Rose City eventually became runner-ups of the tournament.

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