Vanessa de Roide to be part of “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013”

Vanessa de RoideEXTRA got the scoop from Vanessa de Roide, the current winner of Univision Network’s “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012” who will also be part of the new season of the show. She is a beauty pageant titleholder, model and a TV host from Puerto Rico

EXTRA: How has 2012 been for you as a “Nuestra Belleza Latina”?
Vanessa de Roide: It has been the best year of my life. I have been doing so many things with Univision – from TV to Latina spokesperson and for me it has been a great experience. I know the next girl is going to be blessed the same way and even better. This year is going to be very good.
What do you expect from the new contestants for “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013”?
I hope they will be very entertaining and be themselves, funny, bring something different to the table. Every girl should bring a great attitude – as a winner already.
What advice will you give to the girls who want to compete?
I think they should be very natural at the audition, be themselves. The key for them is not to be anything but themselves.
How is it like being on a reality show? How different is it from real life?
It’s very different. We were living all together in one house, being 24/7 together, learning about one another and ourselves. We have stress, we want to do well. I think the most difficult part of the competition will be living with the girls. It’s not your family. You don’t know them.
In real life is also very different – I got to work with Univision. Now, I live in Miami. I got to grow up very fast. It’s a good learning experience.
What is life like in the mansion? Is there a tension between the girls?
It’s different, hard. Imagine living with 12 girls that you don’t even know? We have one bathroom and one room. We have to share everything. We have to learn to live with one another.
How is your life now? What are your future goals?
I have a new job, new life, new everything. I can still go to Puerto Rico and visit my family. I will be doing social media for Univision and “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013.” The program will be interactive in some way. It will be even better than last year and hopefully get a lot of ratings.
Is there a secret to winning the show?
You have to be focused and do what you really want and not pay attention to what the other girls are doing. Be focused on yourself rather than others. Everything that you do counts in a good or bad way.
What do you want to say to our readers?
I want the girls to go to the auditions and try it out. If you don’t try it you won’t know what a big opportunity you have. It will be the best experience of your life. You have to bring a talent and a positive attitude and be yourself.

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