Undocumented exhibit


On April 19, the National Museum of Mexican Art hosted Undocumented Illinois’s “Unapologetic Art” exhibit. Undocumented Illinois is a network of undocumented and youth-led organizations in Illinois.

“Good art is the kind that comes from inside you. What I want to make clear is, I don’t need documents [of citizenship] to make good art,” said Jimmy Madín.

“We are speaking with art. Every single artist is putting a personal piece of them in their work and showing it to the rest of the world. So then other people can see that piece of the movement,” said Antonio Gutierrez, coordinator of Immigrant Justice League.

“I want my art to change people’s mentality. Through being undocumented and through my artwork, I hope that my community has the courage to stand up and say ‘I am also undocumented.’ Right now my people are living in the shadows, living in fear, and I don’t want that,” said Reina García.

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