Twista comes back with a new flavor and album, “Dark Horse”

Twista Dark Horse Album CoverThe well-known Chicago rapper Twista is coming out with a new album “Dark Horse” on August 12. On July 17, he held “Sole Expo Presents: Twista’s DJ Appreciation” party at the Lacuna Artist Lofts in Chicago in celebration of the new album and his participation at the Sole Expo in Chicago.

The platinum rapper, propelled to fame by his hit single, “Slow Jamz” (ft. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx), put Chicago on the rap map and made the double-time rap style a rap staple. Since the overnight success of his breakout single in 2004, Twista has collaborated with industry heavy weights such as, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Pitbull.

Despite selling millions of albums and popularizing a delivery incorporated by everyone from Jay-Z to Eminem, the Windy City rapper remains largely unheralded by the uninformed. EXTRA spoke to Twista about the release of his new album.

EXTRA: Tell me about Dark Horse. Where did you get your inspirations for the album?

Twista: I came across Dark Horse because it fists me and where I sit in the industry. You have all this greats and who is the dark horse – this is Twista and this is where the title comes from. When you hear it you get what you want to hear and a new vibe, the turn up vibe. It has legendary trucks from a new Twista that we are not used to hearing.

It will inspire new vibes and new songs that haven’t been heard repeatedly. It is a vantage for me but for the new kids it will be new and it will draw more people to my style.

What positive rap message do you send with your lyrics?

It is positive in different ways. Some people do it differently. Some people might mention something violent but the way they do it is creatively. When you listen to the Twista flow, I am not all negative. You might consider me street but you can appreciate the artistry and how hard I work.

You are the co-host of Sole Expo. How important is Sole Expo for Chicago?

It’s big. The Sole Expo gives kids an affordable opportunity to see, buy and trade sneakers. It is definitely not a one-time event. I love a unique pair of sneakers. I am definitely a big fan.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Enjoy the album. We are going to rock out!

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