Ten Minutes with Telenovela Star, Ana Lorena Sanchez

Ana Lorena Sanchez

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n a recent break from recording on the set of Telemundo’s “Tierra de Reyes” in Miami, Mexican actress Ana Lorena Sanchez spoke to EXTRA to answer some questions more closely related to her life away from the set. In the telenovela, she plays a young woman who was sexually assaulted and has not had it easy at all. Ana Lorena’s dedication to her work has viewers on the edge of their seats each night as they follow the tumultuous story. She did express how grateful she is to fans though and that she wants them to know that she thinks about them. In particular, she mentioned immigrants who may come to this country to work, and how she admires their dedication to their values, family and hard work. EXTRA got to know Ana Lorena a little more on a personal level, and the beautiful and talented star graciously answered our questions with grace, humor and class.

EXTRA: What is your guilty pleasure when you are not thinking about “the diet?”

Lorena Sanchez: Nutella with everything, with strawberries, bread, just on a spoon, in ice-cream, on crepes, popcorn, fries. I’ve tried it with everything, as if it was lemon!

What things must you have with you when you travel?

My music and camera. Thankfully technology allows me to have both in one with my phone. I take a book, something by John Green or poetry by Christopher Poindexter. I usually read in English to stay on top of my skills since in Miami I don’t have many opportunities to speak English. Also, I always travel with some kind of image of the Virgin Mary.

Who is your favorite musical group?

Recently, I have been into a group called “Johnnyswim.” It’s a husband and wife duo. I get into all kinds of music, from classical, rap, in English or Spanish. I like to find new types of music.

Are you dating someone right now?

No, I have been single for two and a half years! I am a person who is in love with life and with love. I am super corny. I like getting flowers. Right now, I am working so much it is even more difficult with my 12-hour days. My career requires so much of my time. They would have to be really understanding.

If you were not an actress, what would you be?

My acting teacher, Sebastian Ligarde, asked us that once, and I said I would be a corpse. But really, life is long and it gives us the opportunity to hone other skills. When I have a family of my own, I would want to spend [time] with them. I would enjoy being an entrepreneur and having a foundation of some kind, and a talk show. That way, I would have time with my family. I had never said it out loud to anyone before, but yes, that is what I would want.

Ana Lorena Sanchez plays Sofia del Junco in the Telemundo production, “Tierra de Reyes,” Monday through Friday 9/8 CST. For the latest on Ana Lorena, follow her on Twitter: @analorenasm.

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