Ten essential health benefits

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but health coverage protects you from the high medical costs before you need medical care. By law, every insurance plan on the Marketplace will include ten categories of essential health benefits:

•  Outpatient services: services or tests done at a medical center or doctor’s office that don’t require you to stay overnight.
•   Emergency services: like medical care given to treat a sudden or unexpected illness in an emergency.
•   Hospitalization: like services, tests or surgery that require you to stay the night in the hospital.
•   Maternity and newborn care: services during pregnancy and after your baby is delivered, including breastfeeding.
•   Mental health and substance use disorder services: including behavioral health treatment, like services that improve your mental well-being or treat a mental illness or substance use problem.
•   Prescription drugs: medicines that require a prescription from your doctor.
•   Habilitative and Rehabilitative services and devices: like physical therapy, which helps you recover skills that you lost because you were hurt or disabled, or helps you develop and maintain the skills you need.
•   Laboratory services: tests you take to diagnose an illness or problem.
•   Preventative and wellness services and chronic disease management: check-ups and screenings to help you stay healthy, and services to improve your quality of life by preventing or lowering the effect of a disease. This includes monitoring and educating you about your treatment.
•   Pediatric care: including medical, dental and vision care for children.

Remember to avoid a penalty you must enroll by March 31. Take the first step by visiting GetCoveredIllinois.gov or calling 866-311-1119 for more information.

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