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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is no secret that your child’s education is important to their future. In today’s educational environment of constant state mandated changes and the pressure teachers are under to perform, it is your child and their educational needs that suffer. Many times motivation, fueled by low self-esteem, traumatic experiences in the family and difficult financial situations, is jeopardized and leads a child towards not being able to perform effectively in schools. At other times, students with learning disabilities are not appropriately diagnosed because of lack of school resources and therefore struggle to function in the classroom. These situations create a vicious cycle of low self-esteem and failing grades that eventually lead to high school dropouts.

If this sounds familiar to you and you are ready to seek exceptional support for your child, Dr. Bill’s Learning Centers can offer professional help. We are not just homework helpers, our educational rehabilitation specialists and therapists offer foundational holistic support to aid the whole child in their learning and bridge the “academic achievement gap.”

We focus on laying the complete groundwork your child deserves to succeed in the challenging academic environment in his or her school. A variety of special services work in combination with the academic support and address special education needs, organizational and time management challenges, the need for learning test taking strategies and supporting those struggling with motivation.

In today’s high schools, as you already know, every assignment and test counts. College scholarships and good paying jobs grow more difficult to qualify for. If a child achieves poorly within their first two years of high school, the academic failure may lead to dropout and a lifetime of low-income jobs in a very tough economy. This path can be avoided with academic support and you and your child deserve the best that professionals can offer without paying a high price for services. The latest research shows that specialized, intensive, motivating and culturally relevant tutoring can turn around failures best identified after first grade.

Dr. Bill’s Learning Centers are organized to support students in second grade through tenth grade. We provide a high quality evidence-based program that is family focused and holistic. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to treat your child as the individual that he or she is with special instruction to improving their educational outcomes. We offer art therapy, which helps with learning through drawing and painting, communicating through creativity and helps reduce stress. Horticultural therapy builds self-esteem, self-confidence and builds concentration through group work in the gardening environments. This also teaches children an appreciation for the natural world and creates a better understanding of one’s self.

Speech therapy identifies speech issues and creates a course of action in order to help a child communicate better. Nutritional counseling educates families to connect a healthy and balanced diet to better brain development. Massage therapy helps build a bond between parents and children, when children avoid being hugged because of their sensitivity to touch. It creates a calm and reassuring environment in the home that then carries into the school environment with a more secure child. This allows for prevention of bullying, gives the child the confidence to speak their mind and control misbehavior.

These along with aromatherapy, movement therapy, music therapy, mentoring services, and the science of neuro-feedback for refocusing attention empower our parents to understand their children and allow the children to understand themselves.

All our efforts focus on mastering fundamental academic, emotional and social skills that will strengthen your child’s self-confidence, organization and cognitive skills for life. We look forward to answering your questions, serving your special students, or just providing encouragement to make this and every school year a great one. Your children deserve a productive future.

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