SLV Debuts New Album, “This Kind”

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Following a still successful career in Pistolera and Moona Luna, Brooklyn-based SLV is set to debut its first full-length album, “This Kind,” a new take on Latino-influenced soul, jazz and R&B. Photo by Shirley Rodriguez.
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]exican-American multi-instrumentalist Sandra Lilia Velasquez has spent the better part of last year working with musician Sean Dixon (Zammuto) to create SLV’s new first full-length neo-electro soul album, “This Kind,” dropped May 5. SLV will perform in Chicago on Tuesday, July 14 at Martyrs.’

Fans have been mesmerized with singer/songwriter Velasquez since her days of fist-pumping to sociopolitical anthems as frontwoman for Brooklyn-based, future roots band Pistolera. Since their formation in 2005, the band has released three albums, receiving national acclaim for their musical themes of empowerment for putting a spotlight on issues of immigration, and for their multicultural musical influences.

In 2011, Pistolera debuted a new concept album, “Piñata Party,” a result of their new bilingual side project made exclusively for younger audiences and families, Moona Luna. The band, formed by Velasquez on vox and guitar, Maria Elena on accordion, Inca B. Satz on bass and Sebastian Guerrero on drums, received the Parents Choice Award and went on to record more music including the 50s rock and roll inspired album, “Vamos, Let’s Go!” and the single “Together” featuring Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.

In 2013, Velasquez and her musical partner Sean Dixon began a musical transition into a more contemporary project, SLV, which highlights new sounds leaning toward soul, jazz, electro-pop and R&B ensconced in the beautiful voice of an artist’s muse. Produced by Grammy Award nominated Meshell Ndegeocello, who also performs on bass, SLV debuted their first four track EP, “Dig Deeper.” Later that winter, they released the single “Cheerleader.”

Since their debut, the members of SLV continuously find themselves performing, preparing to begin a summer tour and hard at work creating music for their first full-length album, “This Kind,” an exploration of each artist’s self-discovery through new sounds. You’ll find serenity in the soulful interpretation of “Fire Eyes,” and “Sunlight,” power in the light-hearted electronic pop of “You Make the Days,” and love of everything that is inspirational about SLV in “Cheerleader.” And, check out their self-produced sketch-animation video for “Heartbreaker,” an 80s influenced new wave hit reminiscent of The Rave-Ups and a “Pretty in Pink” night out with Ducky.

“People always ask about SLV, ‘What kind of music is it?’ We say, ‘It’s THIS KIND. Most artists have trouble labeling their music. But more than any other band I’ve been in, I have trouble explaining what kind of music ours is. The only way I can comfortably describe it is to say that it is honest and heavy on the vibe,” explains Velasquez.

SLV will perform in Chicago on Tuesday, July 14 at Martyrs,’ located at 3855 N. Lincoln Avenue, as part of their summer tour.

“This Kind,” will be released on May 5 and available via iTunes, Amazon and Direct.

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