Qué pasó: New Illinois laws going into effect in 2015

New-laws_Web[dropcap]I[/dropcap]llinois Senate Democrats recently released a full list of new laws going into effect in 2015.

Here are some highlights:

  • HB 4207 – Cyberbullying expansion, extends schools’ disciplinary authority for cyberbullying to computers accessed away from school if the activity
    hinders a student’s ability to learn.
  • SB 2583 – Prohibits requiring people to surrender their driver’s licenses for petty traffic violations like speeding tickets
  • HB 4083 – Requires the Department of Juvenile Justice to adopt mental health care standards and inspect each facility at least once per year
  • SB 0978 – Requires ISP to annually expunge certain non-delinquent minors’ arrest records when they turn 18; other expungement changes
  • HB 5689 – Requires e-cigarette liquids to be sold in child-resistant packaging
  • HB 4113 – Allows sheriffs to enter into agreements with local governments to develop job training programs to rehabilitate houses; allows rehabilitated
    houses to be used for transitional housing for the mentally ill, the homeless and low-income families
  • SB 3411 – Establishes that counties and municipalities cannot require a law enforcement officer to issue a specific number of citations in a designated
    period of time and that the number of citations cannot be held against the officer for evaluation purposes
  • HB 0008 – Protects pregnant women from employment discrimination
  • HB 4157 – Establishes that unpaid interns have the same sexual harassment protections as regular employees
  • SB 3558 – Exempts under-aged prostitutes from solicitation prosecution; creates new fines for human trafficking and keeping a place of prostitution;
    creates a fund to support victim recovery services
  • HB 4216 – Makes it a crime to intentionally and unlawfully hide or destroy public records
  • HB 1152 – Creates the Chicago Educational Governance Task Force to examine and recommend the best structure for governing CPS schools
  • SB 3103 – Expands the definition of beer to include all beverages brewed or fermented from malt products, specifically hard ciders
  • HB 5085 – Allows universities and the Dept. of Agriculture to research industrial hemp

The full list can be found here.


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