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On March 8, 150 undocumented immigrants and allies held a rally at the Federal Plaza in Chicago in protest of the massive deportations since Obama’s presidency. This 5th Annual National Coming Out of the Shadows rally involved speakers ranging from local leaders of community organizations advocating for change and undocumented immigrants who shared their story.

One local leader was Marcella Hernandez of the Immigrant Youth Justice League, who said President Obama is one of many to blame for the separation of immigrant families in the United States.

“We’re here today to join our voices [of] people around the country and tell President Obama that two million deportations are two million deportations too many. Stop separating our families, not one more deportation, ni una deportación más,” said Hernandez.

While Congress has failed to pass any legislation to curb deportations, this rally is part of a larger growing movement in the country. House senators such as Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and New Jersey Sen. Bob Menéndez, as well as several organizations such as the National Council of La Raza, continue to pressure Obama to exercise more executive power for pro-immigrant legislation.

Anibal Fuentes of Guatemala spoke at the rally, giving a personal perspective to a national political controversy. He is in the middle of deportations proceedings, having been granted a “stay of removal,” which allows him to temporarily postpone his deportation for six months.

“How would the president feel if one of his children were torn from his arms if he were forced to leave a country he considers home and separated from his family?” said Fuentes.
In six months, Fuentes could be deported from the United States. If that’s the case, he won’t get to watch his 7-month-old son grow up.

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