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An award-winning journalist, spokesperson, TV personality, internationally recognized parenting expert and mother of two, Jeannette Kaplun, partnered up with Pull-Ups® Academia del Big Kid to promote parenting tips for parents when it comes to potty training.

Born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Chile, Kaplun is truly bilingual and bicultural. She co-founded Todobebé and hosted the Viva la Familia TV show on Univision, but is now devoted to her newest bilingual venture Hispana Global (since 2012). There she shares tips about parenting, beauty, fashion, travel, technology and videos in English and Spanish.

EXTRA: What are you trying to teach parents about potty training?

Jeannette Kaplun: To take away the anxiety of potty training and enable parents to feel more empowered by guiding them to the tools that are available. Focus on whether your child is ready. Figure out what is going on with your child. What is creating the anxiety? Once you realize he is ready, take it step by step.

What are the steps?

First step is to teach your child to pull up and pull down. A potty works great but others want to use a potty insert so the child doesn’t fall. That takes away a lot of the fears. Others work well with a reward. Every time they make it, you give them a star. Pull ups have a lot of games and activities. Take them quite often, even if they won’t ask for it. Keep on telling them to go —don’t give them an option. Keep making the process fun and motivating, otherwise they will get bored with it and won’t go to the potty. You can’t expect your child to control the urge if they are in a deep sleep. Limit fluids before your child goes to bed. Wake them up and take them to bathroom.

How should parents handle potty training accidents?

A minor accident is nothing to worry about. If the child has anxiety, consider if something has happened, like maybe a child fell in the toilet or got scared from an automatic toilet flushing. Try to figure out what happened in the child’s life that changed his or her perception of potty training. Take attention away from the potty and address the attention he needs. If it happened at school, speak with teachers to see if somebody made a comment, a joke or something else happened. It’s not about the age but about your child’s maturity. When you try to pressure them when they are not ready, it doesn’t work well.

You can connect with Kaplun on Twitter (@jeannettekaplun) and Facebook. For more information on Pull-Ups® Academia del Big Kid, visit es.pull-ups.com.

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