Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration

On Wednesday, December 12, hundreds of people attended the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Agnes of Bohemia at 2651 South Central Park in Little Village, IL. A small group from the church did a pilgrimage, which started at “el Cerrito del Tepeyac” in Des Plaines, IL to the church in Little Village. It was a 23 mile journey, which took five hours to walk. Other people from the community went to celebrate what is considered one of the most important days in the Mexican faith.
“I go every year for two reasons. The 1st one is because my grandmother, Maria Villaseñor before she passed away always wanted to go and was unable to. After she died I decided to start going in her memory (I know that my grandmother is with me because I can feel her there). It’s a way to say thank you to ‘La Virgen’ for always listening to my prayers, for guiding me in the right path and helping me overcome many obstacles in my life,” said Tere Macedo who attended the celebration.

Photos: By Laura Vergara

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