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To many immigrant families, the American dream is still to own a home. Jose Galvez is one of those people. He and his family had been renting apartments for years and his last rental experience put him on the edge. Late last year, Jose finally became a homeowner.

“I was so happy to get my home,” he says, “because now my son can run and jump all he wants without anyone getting upset that he is making too much noise and that gives us a sense of peace.”

Galvez began trying to find out how to establish credit and apply for a regular home loan through a bank, but because he has an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), he was ineligible. He was then referred to The Resurrection Project (TRP) and began working with TRP Home Purchase Advisors to find out his credit score. It was there that he learned about Second Federal Credit Union’s (SFCU) immigrant home lending initiatives. The loan is designed to help immigrant families purchase a home through products designed especially for them.

What makes this lending initiative unique is that TRP works with individuals to help them establish credit and SFCU accepts non-traditional credit like utility bills and rent. Currently, Second Federal Credit Union is leading the sector by doing cultural lending, essentially creating financial products tailored to the community they serve.

“When families have the opportunity to purchase a home, they create healthy neighborhoods,” says Pedro Diaz, TRP Financial Wellness Coordinator. “It stabilizes communities by bringing in new homeowners and decreasing the number of vacant homes which bring vandalism and crime. It also creates a sense of pride in home ownership and creates a bond between the homeowner and community.”

If you would like to learn more about ITIN loans or participate in TRP’s Home Purchase program please call 312-880-1144.

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