One great event for one big cause

Nikoletta Morales

More than 2,000 people came to celebrate the day before New Year’s at Chicago Union Station for one great cause – to support education. The name of the event was “Eve of the Eve” and all proceeds go toward scholarships for students who are scholars of the HighSight organization.
“The thing that makes events like these so special in Chicago is that you don’t see this everywhere. It is nothing but class, good cause, food, open bar, and you got to be here or you are missing out when you hear it from your friends,” said Chris Rondeau, a food and beverage manager at the Hyatt Hotels, who attended the event for the first time this year.
Dean Sullivan, HighSight’s Program Coordinator, said that this is the 15th year of the social event. He said that the event started small, with a few hundred people, but over the years got very popular and well-attended so they had to find a bigger place to host the event. In the last few years the event was hosted at Chicago Union Station. “We have had almost 4000 people. Now, it’s a good 2500 range depending on the year,” said Sullivan.
Sullivan said that any student from the city of Chicago can apply and that most students come from Catholic schools. HighSight starts to accept the applications in February for students who are in their eight-grade year. Once the students receive the scholarship they are asked to attend tutoring sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays to help them better succeed at the school and program of their choice.
“It’s hard to get accepted to the program. Students are required to attend tutoring sessions. They go three times a week,” said Stacie Donahue, who is one of the tutors that helps mentor the selected students.
There are many people who come to volunteer and help out for the good cause of the “Eve of the Eve” event. “I volunteer for the education for the children. I want the young people to have the best education. I want them to find the best possible job they can,” said Ronald Pertinac, a semi-retired, who has volunteered at the event for 12 years now.
“I am a huge supporter of education. I love that HighSight gives opportunities and scholarships to kids to go to good schools,” said Miss Illinois 2012, Nancy To, who attended the event.
HighSight is an organization that provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring and college readiness programs to students to succeed at the private high school of their choice. In order for a student to qualify for the scholarship, he/she must complete an application and go through an interview process. Those students that are selected are then awarded partial four-year scholarships based upon financial need, character, attitude and academic potential.
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