New construction brings prospective businesses, jobs to 45th Ward

Condor Partner's properties located at 4029-4037 N. Milwaukee Avenue and 4047-4055 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Rendering courtesy of Condor Partners
Condor Partner’s properties located at 4029-4037 N. Milwaukee Avenue and 4047-4055 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Rendering courtesy of Condor Partners

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]esidents of the 45th Ward have a lot to look forward to as new projects are emerging around the Irving Park and Portage Park neighborhoods.

In an attempt to revamp the Six Corners area, many new construction projects are in the works. Ald. John Arena has made plans public on his website,, most notably the reconstruction of buildings surrounding Six Corners.

Some of the perspective tenants looking to fill the open business areas are Aldi Food Market, Five Guys and Panera Bread. Taking place of the Bank of America building at the Six Corners intersection, community members hope that businesses will move into the area and revitalize the old shopping district.

“I’ve lived in Irving Park my whole life,” Doug Barney, 65, said. “I remember when Six Corners was the premiere shopping district. Even though it has kind of fizzled, I think it’ll come up and be more attractive to people and businesses again.”

Barney is just one of the community members that feel the new construction will revitalize the area and bring much needed jobs to the neighborhood both during and after construction. Over the years, stores on Milwaukee and Cicero opened and closed, leaving the area looking sparse and remote. With the new editions, developers and city planners are predicting that up to 100 jobs will be created during construction, and up to 150 permanent retail jobs will be created, according to released blueprints and documentation on Arena’s website.

Further down on Irving Park, residents are excited for the new edition on the corner of Irving Park Road and Tripp Avenue. Eris Cider House and Brewery is taking over the building where the Korean Bethel Presbyterian Church of Chicago now stands. The Eris Cider House and Brewery plan has been in the works and the decision was finalized on and announced on Aug. 3 on Arena’s Facebook page. As of present date, Eris Cider House and Brewery is finalizing designs and are in the process of applying for permits. Construction of the brewery is expected to take about a year, and has residents in anticipation.

Julie Grunswick, 29, lives near the future site of the brewery.

“I think it’s going to be awesome to have a brewery here,” Grunswick said. “Most people think that breweries belong in trendy areas like Wicker Park or Logan Square. I think that this is going to bring Chicagoans back up to the neighborhood and show them that we’re cool too.”


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