National Donate Life Month now has a new meaning

April is National Donate Life Month during which those who have given or have received the gift of life through organ and tissue donation are honored. This month, Gift of Hope appeals to Latinos who reside in Illinois to register as organ donors, and especially to those who will apply for their driver’s licenses under the new Temporary Visitors Driver’s License (TVDL) law, to become registered organ and tissue donors when they submit their applications.

“The TVDL grants undocumented immigrants a basic human and civil right, one that gives them a solid sense of safety and security while they pursue work and school opportunities that can further their future and that of their families,” commented Marty Castro, president and CEO of Castro Synergies LLC.

“If we consider the rapid pace at which our Latino community is growing within the United States with the low number of registered Hispanic donors, the math is simple. We need more Latino organ and tissue donors, otherwise Hispanics will have to endure a longer wait on the transplant list and some cases will die waiting. The TVDL provides the perfect opportunity for every new driver to register to become a registered donor,” explained Raiza Mendoza, manager of Hispanic affairs for Gift of Hope. It is important to remember, especially during National Donate Life Month, that one donor can save and enhance the lives of up to more than 25 people, which means that every new driver can decide to give the gift of life to more than 25 people and make a difference in their lives,” concluded Mendoza.

Gift of Hope invites all courageous, compassionate and generous Latinos to talk with their families about their decision to become organ donors so that they may honor their wishes.

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