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Must see tv
“Empire” (Fox)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] could make a quip or some sort of metaphor about how cold it is outside, but the painful cold is enough to remind people that it is still winter outside. These sub-zero temperatures are reason enough to stay inside and what better way to pass the time than starting a new TV show. There are so many shows that are released in a year, so it is almost impossible to watch them all. I commend TV critics for having the patience to slog through both the good and bad. I try to watch a diverse selection, from prestige dramas to the latest reality cooking show competition, so I don’t go stir-crazy indoors. Here are a few that will help you pass the time:

Mad-men“Mad Men” (AMC)

All good things come to an end and “Mad Men” is about to close its doors for good because the final season premieres on April 5. The exploits of ad man Don Draper have been a roller coaster ride; sorry for the cliché, but that really is the truth. From having a string of mistresses to opening up new ad agencies, there was never an episode of “Mad Men” that wasn’t interesting. The final season of “Mad Men” is getting slightly less fanfare than its AMC teammate “Breaking Bad” did for its final season, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out. To help pass the time during the cold, you can catch up on the first six seasons on Netflix.

House-of-cards“House of Cards” (Netflix)

Netflix has created itself an empire and the first building block of that dynasty was “House of Cards.” The political drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright came out of the gate as a smash and continues to dominate water cooler talk, even though some stretches of episodes tend to be uneven. But that doesn’t mean that I am still not interested in what Frank Underwood will do as president in the third season. The show’s previous season has been available for over a year, so I don’t feel bad about spoilers. The third season will be dropping as a whole on Friday.

Empire“Empire” (Fox)

There are some TV shows out there that you don’t need to think about. Believe me, I enjoy a fluff TV show to watch to help escape a long day at the office, and that TV show is Fox’s “Empire.” Terrence Howard plays hip hop record executive Lucious Lyons who is trying to find an heir to his throne after he is diagnosed with ALS. What draws me to this show is that it feels like “Empire” is set in its own world and the issues the characters face is just absurd. From a music video costing $1 million over budget to the drama of which three of Lucious’ sons will take over, this soap opera delivers. Plus, Terrence Howard’s perpetual crying face and Taraji P. Henson’s scene chewing make this a perfect binge watch show on a cold night through Hulu.

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