Must-See Attractions at the 2015 Auto Show


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n Chicago, the first indication that the season is changing has always been the two-week event that is the Chicago Auto Show. Running through Feb. 22, the event gives auto manufactures the chance to display the newest and brightest new cars, and concepts. As with any event of this size, there will always be a few hits, a few misses and a few cars that make us question whether or not the designers should go back to the drawing board.

Most brands did an excellent job of displaying their products and many offered great ways to interact with the brand so visitors could connect even more with each brand.

Jeep brought their test track back this year, which takes different types of SUVs on a test track that goes over all sorts of terrain. Each Jeep vehicle is driven by a Jeep representative that will take you up large hills, through water, and over rocks and sand, showing how each Jeep performs in different conditions. Jeep also did a great job displaying all of their vehicles as affordable for everyone with SUVs listed as low as $17k, and as high as $50k.


Dodge was another brand that also did a great job showcasing their vehicles. With another test track that focused on drivability, safety, braking and acceleration. Also getting to see the new Charger and Viper was pretty neat.

Ford unveiled three new awesome cars which included: the Fort GT, the Shelby Mustang 350 and a new police interceptor that will make getting away from the police much more difficult. One cool thing Ford brought was a racing simulator that puts the potential customer behind the wheel of a brand new Mustang. Expect long lines for the simulator, but is a lot of fun.


Other highlights were the new Sedans from Toyota, and Chevy’s gorgeous new Corvette and Camaro. And no auto show would be complete without a few exotics. You can find the exotic cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentleys, and Rolls Royce—and if that was not enough, a $2-million Bugatti is also on display.



Tickets to the 2015 Chicago Auto Show at the McCormick Center are just $12. For more information, visit

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