A military veteran documents inner city kids


Anthony Clary is a disabled military vet who devotes his time teaching basketball to 4th grade inner city kids from the AAU basketball team, the Wildcats, from Norfolk, Virginia. What he noticed was that basketball changed the kids’ lives in a positive way. They started acting better in school and got better grades. Clary decided to document their journey to Nationals across the U.S. to show that no matter which state you live in if you believe in inner city kids, you can push them to go as far as they can.

“The documentary is going to capture a lot more than just the basketball. A lot of them don’t have financial support, father figures. It’s about them growing as individuals. As much as we are giving them with this film, they are giving us a lot, especially me as a coach coping with some of my disabilities,” said Clary, who is also the co-director and producer of the “Wildcats” documentary.
Clary started filming in July of 2013. Since the basketball season ends in June 2014, he has five more months to film. His goal is to submit the final documentary to film festivals and to show it all over the United States.

“The focus is about the kids and sending the message to people that as adults we need to give more. I think this is what is lacking today. We don’t wrap our arms around them enough. Mentoring is a big part of what we should be doing and that is the main message in the movie,” said Clary.

Clary is doing a fundraising campaign to raise additional funds to complete the film. “I want to bring a couple of additional directors so I can do the writing and everything else. We want to get people involved and support and help us raise funds,” said Clary, who took his own money to do the movie production and filming. “We appreciate everything that everybody is doing to support. If you can’t donate, spread the word.”

To find out more about the movie and to donate, visit www.wildcatthemovie.com.

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