Manolo Cardona explores a different type of character in the “Snitch Cartel”

Manolo-Cardona“The Snitch Cartel” directed by Carlos Moreno exposes the real life story of Andres Lopez, aka “Florecita”, during his years involved with the Colombian Cartel aka “Cartel Norte del Valle.” Manolo Cardona plays the role of Martin Gonzalez in the movie, which came out in theaters Oct. 18. Cardona talked to EXTRA about his role.

EXTRA: Tell us a bit about the movie and your character.
Manolo Cardona: This movie is based on a true story. Andres Lopez was a drug dealer back in the days. It is about his story going through hell and getting out of there and how he got out of the mafia. What we did in the movie is that we put the love story, which surrounded them. We made the film in Mexico, the U.S. and Colombia for more than nine years. It was a big production for a Latin American film.  A lot of famous and amazing actors are in the film. When I started playing the character. I wanted to get into the mind of these guys, the motivations and feelings. It was an interesting process to get to know this kind of character with human beings with different motivations, a very complex character. I am very pleased with the results.

What about the love affair in the movie?
What drives the movie is the love story. A lot of comedy and action. [It’s a] thriller. It is a really fun movie. She and I are very good friends. We are from the same neighborhood, close friends and it is a dream come true to do the movie together. We trust each other. I respect her and admire her as a human being and actress.

What is the message in the movie?
They will have a lot of fun. It is a huge Latin American film. You will feel a Hollywood film in terms of production. It is an amazing beautiful love story. At the end you will think, “I should do things right.”

What are some of your future projects?
I did two TV shows, the fourth season of “Covert Affairs,” and I played Tomas, the Prince of Portugal in “Reign,” released Oct. 17 on CW.  We shot in Toronto. It was really cool. It is a good moment for Latinos in an American market. Hopefully we get to open more doors. Come support us at “The Snitch Cartel.”

To follow Cardona on twitter: @manolocardona11.

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