Love finds itself in circus act

circus_2_webOn Nov. 20 through Dec. 1, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will present “Built To Amaze!,” the 143rd edition of the Greatest Show On Earth. Nov. 24 is the special show for Latinos at the United Center. EXTRA interviewed Tatiana and Hector Izquierdo, a married couple who will perform an unbelievable acrobatic act – a wife “lifting” her husband in the air.


EXTRA: How long have you been in the circus?

Hector: I have been in the circus all my life. I belong to a circus family; I inherited this from my parents. I did a solo act all my life. I met Tatiana in a circus show where she was among the public with her family. We fell in love and started a new act together in the Ringling Circus. We’ve been together for five years.

Tatiana: In just five years I conquered the summit, the biggest circus in the world. There are no words to describe that.

Describe the act you will perform.

Hector: It is based on balances with force. A balance between a man and a woman. Usually the man carries the woman; in this particular act we decided to do the contrary.

Tatiana: We do it with a lot of work, a lot of suffering, and a lot of heart. Every night after the show we spend approximately 45 minutes doing exercise.

How do you feel about performing at the Ringling Bros. show?

Hector: If you are from a circus tradition, you hear how they speak about the Ringling Bros. and you want to belong to it badly. It was my goal and it is a great achievement.

How different is “Built to Amaze!” than any other circus shows?

Tatiana: It is the biggest, a great production. You have a lot of lights, animals and people interacting together.

Hector: You’ll see everything. All countries in the world are represented from Marrakesh to Argentina, to Colombia to Brazil. It is spectacular.

What does it take to perform in the circus?

Hector: It takes sacrifice. You have to get used to being without your family. At the same time, it is a nice experience. You see different people and places. You have different friends. It is a balance.

Tatiana, what did you do before you joined the circus?

Tatiana:  I was a secretary. I’d never go back to my former life, for nothing. He taught me everything I know today.

Hector: I did not convince her. She did it for love. To travel without her would mean to stop seeing her.

Tatiana: It is a love story to belong to the Ringling Bros. Circus. He taught me how to speak Spanish. My family in France is very proud. When my mom knew that I would follow him, she helped me. n

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