Liga Potosina de Futbol

The Bulldogs - U8 and U10Liga Potosina de Futbol is a relatively new amateur soccer league club located at 5224 W. Drummond Str., Chicago. EXTRA sat down with the club’s owner and coach, Jesus Silva, to talk a bit about the league.

EXTRA: When did this league start?

Jesus Silva: It started two years ago.

What are your future plans for the league?

I want the league to be bigger, with more teams and to be an encouragement for these kids. I also want them to become better so they can go try out with our Chicago professional teams, like the Chicago Fire.

How many teams are there at the moment?

At this moment we have 70 teams for the indoor season. We want to reach 100 by the summer season. I am also the coach of a woman’s team that my daughters play in called Club Deportivo San Luis. The team has been together for five years now.

What motivated you to start the league?

I started in another league but there was no communication so I decided to go on my own with my family’s help. So far, it’s been successful to this date. There is a good communication with all the teams and the referees. We have meetings once a month that includes coaches, refs, and league owners. I want to invite all ethnic groups to come join our league and to try it out so more kids will be involved and they will be out of the streets. The age range is from 6 to 99 years old.

Come join our soccer league experience, feel like at home, and like family. We will start our summer season on May 1, 2013. The games will be held in Foreman High School.

For more information about the league and how to join, go to:

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