Let’s celebrate our heritage and create awareness

All around the U.S., September and October combine to celebrate Spanish Heritage National Month. Originally, the fest started as Hispanic Heritage Week in September of 1968. It marked the Independence of Mexico, Chile and six Central American countries that celebrate it during this month. In 1988, it was declared that the celebration would extend to one month, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

Since the Hispanic population keeps strikingly growing in the United States, this special date is very important, as people remember and celebrate past and present cultures.
September starts with Labor Day, the first Monday of the month. That day, homage is paid to the contributions that workers have made to the country economically, as well as socially. Even before the Hispanic population growth in the country in the last decades, the solid labor ethics have always been a distinctive seal of the Hispanic community.
The Hispanic Heritage National Month celebration continues in October, a month in which el Día de La Raza (The Day of the Race) is also celebrated.

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