A Latin mysticism twist in “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”


“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” was released in theaters on Jan. 3. The movie received much nationwide and international attention from movie critics, movie goers and just about every fan of the franchise. This movie adds a new twist to its genre – an all Latino cast with Latino themed mysticism. Even though many critics didn’t understand why and how this should be part of the fifth movie, many welcomed the idea. EXTRA spoke with two of its main actors, Mexican-Americans, Jorge Diaz and Andrew Jacobs, to hear their views on the mystic experience.

EXTRA: How do you feel about being part of the Paranormal Activity franchise?

Andrew Jacobs: Being part of this franchise was great. It’s been a blast. I am ready to see how the fans are enjoying it. The auditioning was very secretive. We found out that we were going to be part of Paranormal Activity when we started doing the film after the auditions. We filmed it for eight months. We couldn’t talk about it until the official trailer came out. This is my first film ever. I have never been involved with anything big before.

Jorge Diaz: It’s been the time of my life. We both have never been part of something of this magnitude. It is my first time on a worldwide franchise.

What happened when you were hit with the surprise you will be in Paranormal? Were you shocked?

Andrew: This is everyone’s biggest break. I have never done independent shows, movies, commercials or anything. This was my first audition booking for lead role in such a big thing, especially growing up watching Paranormal. It is so surreal. I am extremely happy and [feel] blessed to be here. I grew up leading a rough life and making bad mistakes, and the absolute reason I changed all of that is because I had a son (3 years old) and I wanted a good life for him. I stepped away from every negative thing I was doing. Being in Hollywood now and starting in the industry will open a lot of doors for me and help my family.

The movie received some negative reviews from critics. What is your reaction to that?

Jorge: The ones that criticized it criticize found footage movies. I loved working on this. The people behind it are super creative and everyone was super loving. I don’t pay attention to any of the negative stuff. The chemistry between the actors was great. People are gonna hate on something either way.

What do you think about the Latino aspect in the movie?

Jorge: The approach that they are using is not necessarily to have a large Latino fan base. There is such a huge area to explore within the Latino culture because we all grew up with stories like La llorona. The limpia, the cleansing that the grandma does in the movie, is the same that my own grandma did. I feel there is so much to explore there. At the same time, hopefully it will open doors for all people from all ethnicities, not just Hispanics. Latino audiences are the biggest movie goers.

Andrew: I think people have to open their minds. Change is always good.

Do the fans of the movie believe in paranormal activities or they take it as a comedy/horror?

Jorge: I think it’s both but mainly I feel people go to the theater to have a great time. People get scared but at the same time walk out with a smile on their face. What is interesting is where we shot. The botanic place had an energy of its own. We didn’t want to touch anything in there. The apartment building was real. The healer was real. Nothing creepy went on but there were parts where you got goose bumps and felt that there might be something there. It’s an experience!

Andrew: We were having too much of a good time (laughs).

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