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LandofLincoln_web[dropcap]L[/dropcap]and of Lincoln Health is the first and only health insurance co-op in Illinois. One of the ways Land of Lincoln Health expands health insurance benefits is by offering a wide range of choices for you to select the network of health care providers (like doctors and hospitals) that fit your needs best. Jason Montrie, VP of Land of Lincoln Health talked to EXTRA about the new ACA changes and the services that they provide to assist people during this transition.

EXTRA: What is the mission of Land of Lincoln?
Jason Montrie: It is a co-op nonprofit organization that is designed to provide additional insurance, affective Oct. 10. Land of Lincoln was the 24th co-op that was funded. The mission is affordable insurance to small businesses in Illinois.

What is ACA?
The Affordable Care Act will provide increased accessibility and health care to millions of Americans and an ability to enroll that may not have been available before. Our vision is that all residents of Illinois be offered a health plan.

What are the options?
There are a number of options that are available for individuals and families. Get Covered Illinois has a website where they can answer simple questions that can guide them to the right plan and a number of options. We are encouraging people to look at the right plans. We encourage people to visit

What are the different insurance plans?
There is a variety of differences in plans and coverage for singles and families. You need to consider not only the monthly premium but also the provider networks, which doctor and hospital you will have access too. A lot of plans have limited narrow networks. We want to offer consumers broad access. It is important to look at the providers that will be participating, as well as the total cost for the health plan. Looking at things like deductibles and co-pays, we design plans that people won’t be afraid to use.

We designed a simple checklist that has that information. We recognize this is an opportunity to help navigate the experience.

What makes Land of Lincoln different?
All of our decisions will be to the benefit of our members, to stabilize the health insurance premiums, and to simplify a very confusing process that will be here to help all business of Illinois make the right decision.

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