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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or two actors that have been pitted against each other by the media for years, their first film project together dispels all the myths of any such controversy. Fernando Colunga and Eduardo “Lalo” Yañez, known for their telenovela roles, star side-by-side in “Ladrones” a major motion picture by Pantelion Films.

Although filmed in the Dominican Republic, audiences are taken to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where families are in dire straits after a wealthy developer steals their original land grants and forces them to pay to live on their own land. As luck would have it, two handsome, professional thieves take on the case and, in a series of adventurous and comedic events, recover them.

“Ladron que roba Ladron” is the first film Colunga starred in that also speaks to that same topic in which a certain sector of the community being taken of advantage of. “This is not a sequel to that film, but they are certainly related,” he said. “’Ladrones’ has no hidden political or controversial agenda,” said Colunga. “It is based on something real but more than anything it is meant to entertain.” “We as Latinos can help each other and do the right thing by each other,” he added. “If it sends the audience to the computer to look up important facts in history and talk about our culture, then it’s a plus.”

“I’m so grateful to Fernando for bringing me to this project,” said Yañez. “It was a great adventure working together for the first time. We didn’t see each other until we got there, even though we spoke on the phone all the time.”.

“It makes a big difference who is at your side. Lalo and I have the same objective, to create a product that is not aggressive, without any hidden agendas or conflicts. On the contrary, it’s a film you can sit and watch with the entire family and really enjoy,” said Colunga.

The rhythm of the filming was a good one, according to the co-stars. “In telenovelas, we film one to one-and-a-half episodes a day,” said Yañez. “We finished filming quicker than they thought we would.”

“This is a very Hollywood-esque film about an interesting topic. We are not the bad guys; we help people,” Yañez said of their characters Alejandro and Santiago, the “Robin Hoods” of the story.

“Ladrones” also stars Miguel Varoni, Oscar Torre, Vadhir Derbez and Joe Molerio, who also wrote the story, and is directed by award-winning filmmaker, Joe Menendez.

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