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Joining the country’s first three-day music festival dedicated to all things Latin alternative—Ruido Fest—La Vida Bohème did their hometown of Caracas proud as they lit up a waiting crowd who were ready to chant their punk-driven-disco dance songs.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]unday’s searing heat wave was especially felt in the mostly unshaded outdoor festivities surrounding Ruido Fest, yet it was no surprise to see Venezuela’s La Vida Bohème turn the heat up even more with a fervent set that electrified fans into fist-pumping fervor, chanting along enthusiastically with their opening number, “Nuestra.” EXTRA spoke with members of the band immediately after their rousing set.

“If you’re in Chicago, a music city, and the people are giving you music, well, you have to return that,” said frontman Henry D’Arthenay. “This is our first visit to this city and we noticed that energy right away.” He goes on to describe the band’s music excursions across the city which included a visit to the infamous Green Mill for some jazz, a visit to Millennium Park to catch a set by Spoon and another visit to Pritzker Pavilion to take in some classical music.

“I don’t recall the name but at Green Mill we saw a group with a stand-up bass, a Hammond [electric organ], a guitar, trumpet and saxophone. It was so great so we took plenty of notes. Likewise, when we went to see Spoon, who we adore, we learned so much by just seeing them. And then, to get the opportunity to see classical music at the Pritzker Pavilion, it was just precious,” he said.

D’Arthenay wents on to explain that they’re a band who listens to a lot and all sorts of music. For them, to be in Chicago is not only an opportunity to be exposed to such diversity but it also allows them to learn from different genres.

The band has released several recordings since their debut in 2007 including their first EP “La Vida Bohème,” “Nuestra” (2011) and the Latin Grammy winning album “Será” (2013). They also confirmed the rumor that they’ve been holed up in Mexico working on a new album.

“We’ve been working on our third album. We’ve been at a studio in Mexico City for the last three months so maybe that’s why we sound so rehearsed. [Laughs] And we’re hoping to get things recorded soon so that an album can come out even sooner,” said D’Arthenay. “So this might be the last time you hear the songs we played today because we’re ready to play all our new material.”

La Vida Bohème takes from their travels and experiences playing music across the world. The band admits that it’s inevitable to not include what they’ve learned when they’re making music. They feel the need to pay-it-forward and do so by including what they see and hear when songwriting. We won’t be surprised, then, to see how Chicago and their experience at Ruido Fest made it into their upcoming album.

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