Josh Gad – the voice of a loveable snowman in “Frozen”

joshgad_olaf_web“Frozen” came with a storm in theaters on Nov. 27. One of its most loveable and cutest characters, Olaf, is the voice of Josh Gad. This is what he had to say to EXTRA about his first role in an animated Disney movie.

EXTRA: We thought your character Olaf was the funniest and cutest character in “Frozen.” How does that make you feel?

Josh Gad: I was very spoiled. I remember seeing “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin” and “The Lion King.” I remember sitting in theaters when I saw Aladdin and the genie and I looked at my mom and said, “I want to do that one day.” The idea was so appealing to me and when I first got the phone call, I started tearing up. It is a long dream coming.

Was Olaf based on a collaborative effort?

It was a very collaborative effort. We had a discussion how the character represents the girls in their childhood. It’s all about their innocence. As they grow up, the innocence that remains is this snowman that has been created as a companion. It was important that we somehow infused him with wonderment and childlike mentality and sensibility.

What makes Olaf such a loveable snowman who loves summer and spring?

An idea of a snowman that is in love with the summer is very funny. The appeal to Olaf is that he is instantly relatable like that puppy dog that we all had at one point, something that is universally relatable. He has a capacity to love. He is so loving and so generous and willing to sacrifice so much for the people that he loves. That is something that everybody can relate to.

What do you think of the ‘Let it Go” song in “Frozen”?

When I heard it, I was so over the moon- everything that you hoped for. It is such an amazing tune. I think that we were longing for a Disney ballad for a long time. I grew up spoiled with songs like “Beauty and the Beast.” This song literally belongs among the best. It’s one of those songs that will become part of Disney. It will go in as one of the most memorable songs with its brilliant melody and lyrics. It is a perfect marriage of vocal and music. The fact is so many people are calling it a classic and it hasn’t been released yet.

What was your favorite part of the movie?

It’s funny. You do these movies in a bubble. You don’t see anything but your own [role] in the booth. So when I saw the movie I was blown away. I knew so little about how the pieces would fit together. The thing I loved the most was the element of a surprise. It takes the idea of a fairy tale and approaches it with a new mentality and reinvents the genre. It is a modern fairy tale that takes all the things that you are familiar with in a new way. True love has never been done like this before. It makes it so exciting and knew and real for the audience. They can really have a unique experience.

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