Immediate call for action for refugee children

Simpatizantes marchan en la Plaza Daley pro transparencia y justicia a niños centroamericanos refugiados. Foto por Fabiola Barral

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Central American Cultural Civic Society has teamed up with the Coalition to Help Refugee Children from Central America for an immediate call to action on behalf of the refugee children of Central America. The official press release states that these children “are being sent to centers around the county without their due process of law.”

On Aug. 18, at the San Lucas United Church of Christ, representatives of the coalition gathered to present their support for the unrepresented refugee children.

“These children of refugees have rights under national and international law. The centers housing the children are not updating their well being and there is no accountability for their actions,” said Sergio Yorky, representative of the Central American Refugee Children’s Support Coalition.

Anabell Zuñiga, president of the Central American Cultural Civic Society, presented the plan of action to support these children. The plan includes forming a pro-bono legal group to help assist kids receive their due process of law. The proposal also details the need for fundraising and keeping the media informed and aware.

“We are asking for support from the whole community— Central American, Latin America, and beyond,” said Zuñiga.

On Aug. 19, a rally in support of the refugee children was held at Daley Plaza. A few supporters of the cause raised their various Central American flags and marched down the surrounding blocks of downtown.

“These children are not criminals, they are refugees,” cried out a supporter.

Soon, the phrase was chanted and repeated as the protestors raised their signs reading: “Just and humanitarian treatment for our Central American children.”
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